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Our Story

I had two thoughts when I created the Ask Uncle Neil series: Black people are underrepresented in the STEM fields, and children are naturally inquisitive. By marrying both ideas, Ask Uncle Neil was born.

Through 9-year-old Anthony asking his Uncle Neil questions about the world around him, and Uncle Neil using science to answer the questions, Anthony becomes more excited about the possibilities. I want Black children to see themselves through Anthony and become excited alongside him, dreaming bigger than they ever have before. I want them to see that STEM can be for them, too.

Ask Uncle Neil


Our Philosophy
The Mission of Ask Uncle Neil Book Series 

The mission of Ask Uncle Neil: To foster curiosity in and promote STEM to Black children so they see it as a viable career option.

  • STEM is for everyone
  • Curiosity breeds innovation and the leaders of tomorrow

what parents say

Testimonials About Why Is My Hair Curly

In the story, a young boy is curious about the texture of his hair and asks his mother about it. His mom advises that he calls Uncle Neil because he is a scientist. Anthony and his mom call Uncle Neil who provides a wealth of knowledge and scientific explanation. The story is powerful in its articulation of cultural history, scientific reasoning, critical thinking, and demonstrating the importance of family relations. I believe this short story is a good tool to use in the classroom to introduce the scientific method. It would be empowering to allow students to think of themselves as scientists/engineers, asking questions, brainstorming hypotheses, and coming up with possible solutions. My daughter and I truly enjoyed reading it and recommend it to other 1st to 3rd graders to read as well.

Melissa-Sue John


The book fills a gap in the ethnic market. A Black male in the role of scientist. What an amazing image for our Black children, especially the boys!

Jessica Phinn


A friend suggested this book to me. As a white-asian family with friends of other ethnicities, this book provided me with a way to discuss differences with my child. The book is loving but neutral showing that we can question appearances in a safe place. Further, it shows that children can reach out to others in their care network, not just mom and dad. The illustrations are sweet and colourful. It’s already a family classic for us!!Thank you for the wonderful programs that our kids get to enjoy and participate in! I loved how everything is organized, and can tell for sure that my kids are in great caring hands of professional teachers. I appreciate what you do for us!

Sherry Radburn-Ong